Friday, June 25, 2010

The carnival is coming to town

Matt Townsley, through some gentle prodding by me, has agreed to host the first ever standards-based grading gala. Enter in your own posts on standards-based grading and other assessment-related posts. How you ask? Allow me to guide you.

First go here.

Click on "Submit an article." Edit: As Denise pointed out in the comments, you could also click on the GIANT ORANGE BUTTON in the top right corner. That would work too.

Fill out the form, submit it, and you're all done. Make sure you submit the permanent link to the exact post you want to feature, not just your home page.

They don't have to be brand new posts. However, please only submit your own posts. If you see one you like, comment to the author and tell them to submit it. I have no idea how many submissions we'll get so you may or may not be in the first carnival. This is the first one, so spread the word. We have no idea what we're doing so we may need to clarify some rules later. I'll update this post as needed.


  1. I find it interesting that you point to the submit link in the sidebar of your image. That's the link I've always used for submitting to carnivals, too. It wasn't until I put a similar picture on my blog for this post that my "eyes were opened" and I saw the big, orange button in the top right corner. Internet ad blindness?

    I'm looking forward to following the new carnival!

  2. Thanks Denise! Wow. You're right, internet ad blindness. I don't even look at the top of the screen anymore. I blame adwords. Thanks for commenting. I LOVE your blog.