Standards-Based Grading Implementation

This page contains specific information about implementing a standards-based grading system in your classroom. You can also click on the implementation tag.

Creating Topic Scales
Creating Assessments
Tracking Progress
Setting Up The Gradebook
Power User Tips

Six bonus posts:
Foundation of Standards-based Grading
Playing the Whole Game
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The Weekly Portfolio
Translating to a Letter Grade

SBG Galas
#1 MeTa Musings
#2 Always Formative
#3 Teaching Chemistry
#4 Action-Reaction
#5 Quantum Progress
#6 An Old Math Dog Learning New Tricks

Here's Stephen Lazar's Social Studies example.

A wiki set up by Miss Calculate for beginners. It's math-focused.

and another one that's math-focused with a standards-based grading page set up by Julie Reulbach.

Here's the template I use for students to track their scores. It's from Word 2003 (Mac) and I've noticed it gets uglified in newer version. You get the idea though:

Most of what I started with was from Classroom Assessment and Grading that Works by Marzano. The template is obviously based on his example. I can't think of a book I was in love with though. All of the 'gurus' have some good ideas and you'll need to just take what you need. I've gotten a lot of practical stuff from Dylan Wiliam, Susan Brookhart and James Popham.