Friday, May 13, 2011

Upcoming Events: GPD and EdCampSFBay

Two cool things coming up:

Global Physics Department

I should have blogged about this earlier. Every Wednesday at 9:30 Eastern, there is an elluminate session to discuss various topics in physics education. There have been slightly more than 20 participants each week. I've got dinner/family time then so I can never make it live. Luckily, all the sessions are recorded.

Next week (May 18) Brian Frank will be discussing how to build on student misconceptions (His title: The wrong ideas I love my students to have, and the right ideas I worry about). He's got a bunch of really good posts on misconceptions. In this post, Brian links a John Clement paper on bridging misconceptions that is FANTASTIC.

Normally you can just show up. But the following week SEAN (OMG I'm geeking out!) CARROLL  is going to host it. Due to space limitations, you'll need to register here.

The perma-link for the elluminate sessions are


When: Saturday, August 20 8-4
Where: Skyline High School, Oakland

If you don't know what an EdCamp is, hit the link and watch the video.

You can follow @EdCampSFBay for updates.

I'm definitely planning to be there so say hello if you see me. And no, I don't plan to run a session.


  1. Thanks for the EdCampSFBay mention. Looking forward to meeting you there!

  2. Very cool! First I've heard of it! Glad to hear there's an EdCamp coming our way. I'd love to connect with more Bay Area "edcamper" types - please follow on twitter: