Saturday, February 5, 2011

Help Request: Physical Science Resources in Vietnamese

I got a couple of new students last week. Both are brand new in the country and understand very little English. I'm hoping someone out there in internet-land can point me to some physical science resources in Vietnamese.

I'll take pretty much anything. Digital or print. I have a Vietnamese-English glossary and a few helpful bilingual students. Mostly though, they just stare at me.1

Anything at the 8th grade intro level for....

Chemistry: Atomic Theory, Periodic Table
Physics: Motion (one-dimension, mostly finding speed/distance/time), forces and Newton's laws
Astronomy: Especially, objects in our solar system

I'm also struggling with helping them socially. The kids who come in from Mexico find a place pretty quickly. These two kids are truly "foreign." Oh and it's just coincidence they both came the same week. They are strangers, opposite sex, and have no befriended each other at all.

Leave a comment, twitter, or email me jybuell at gmail.  Thanks.

1: I teach in a majority EL district, but that majority is almost entirely Spanish speaking. Before we cut a science teacher, I used to have a class devoted entirely to the CELDT 1 and 2 groups. I've always felt that teaching ELs was one of my strengths. It's been an incredibly jarring experience to feel completely lost here.


  1. Here’s a periodic table in Vietnamese and English

    and a Science Bilingual Glossary geared to the elementary school level

    Maybe one of your bilingual students can search on Google Books for a free download of a Vietnamese science textbook.

  2. Here are the PhET Science Simulations that have been translated into Vietnamese. I'm not sure if the correlating activities have been translated as well though.