Thursday, October 29, 2009

Roadblocks to learning

It would be bad enough if it cost me $25 for a single article, but I'm only getting access to the article for 24 hours. I understand these journals need to make money but what's the use of publishing if the people who might actually benefit from the research can't access it. Can't we make some sort of Netflix-like arrangement where I pay a flat fee and I can access any article or journal I want? I need to enroll in a college somewhere just so I can get access to an academic library.

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  1. Your public library probably has better access to journal databases of an academic nature than you think. Here in Minnesota, we can request inter-library loans from around the state, including academic libraries. Books come in physical form, journal articles tend to come as pdf's that you have to log in to get. Either way, it's probably more doable than you think.

    But then, this post is two years old. Maybe you've solved the problem.