Monday, March 10, 2014

Updates to Get Me Going Again

As you can tell, I tend to forget about this blog. This is my chance to get back in the groove. In the future, I'd like to write about my experiences teaching the NGSS this year so you'll have to remind me.

1. The Fourth Annual Institute for Teachers of Color Committed to Racial Justice is accepting applications until April 1. Gloria Ladson-Billings(!!!!) is keynoting. I went last year and loved it. I applied again. We shall see. Here's the writeup that was sent to me:
2014 Keynote Speakers
Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Dr. Dolores Delgado Bernal, University of Utah
Candice Rose Valenzuela, Castlemont High School; Oakland Unified School District

The Institute for Teachers of Color Committed to Racial Justice is an annual three-day conference to support the growth, success and retention of teachers of color who work in schools serving students of color.  A unique collaboration between the College of Education and Ethnic Studies at San José State University (SJSU), this conference draws teachers from various school districts across the nation to San José, California each summer for racial justice professional development.  Using a Critical Race Theory framework, the Institute is intended as a community building, professional development space for teachersof color to explore the racial climate of their schools, receive training to navigate these realities, and strategize how to create racially transformative classrooms and schools.

The institute seeks applications from teachers of color who:
•  Are committed to racial justice
•  Work at schools serving a significant population of students of color
•  Want to build a like-minded community

 2. I'll be at ASCD in Los Angeles this weekend, March 15-17. I'll be doing the media thing that I did a few years ago so hopefully blogging and tweeting a few sessions.

3. Finally, there's this:

Assuming Cindy can get a job in the area, we'll be packing the cars and the kids and moving out in the summer. I don't know how much anyone cares about the grad school application process so I'll leave it out for now unless requested. I would title it, "How Twitter Got Me into Grad School." I need to thank current Boulder grad students Raymond, Henry, Ken, and Jessica for their support. Also Anne and Grace for application feedback and editing and Dan for general grad school advice.  

If you're in San Jose for the ITCCRJ conference or LA for the ASCD conference say hello. I'm moderately friendly and have good hygiene. 

If you're in the Boulder Valley School District (or in a reasonable commuting distance) and need or know someone who needs a kindergarten or first-grade teacher, I would be eternally grateful. 



    Also, I totes want, "how twitter got me into grad school."


  2. Lots of great things going on for you! Congrats on the grad school acceptance!!

  3. Holy geez. Congrats. Our loss we didn't lock you down in this area. Let's catch up at Le Tied House before you're gone.

  4. How did I miss this?? So awesome. I have some wonderful colleagues there. I look forward to seeing the work you come up with. Yay!!