Thursday, March 13, 2014

No. Where are you in our edreform debates?

(sigh. I'm not going to go into the very problematic nature of the post itself. )

Here's what I see when I wade into your edreform debates:
(edit: The link is redirecting strangely. It goes to a story about a building collapse in Shanghai)

You use our faces. You use our pain. You use our history.

You expect our silence.

We can perform but we can't be recognized.

We are not your weapon. We are not your shield. We are not to be talked about without ever being talked with. Why do you only see White men in edreform debates? Maybe you're taking part in the wrong debates.

We are on twitter. We are on television. We are speaking. You're. Just. Not. Listening.


  1. A big reason why I left Parents Across America is this skittishness about talking about race and class in public education. After all, all the experimentation and zero tolerance happened to our kids long before they had a clue. In a strange way, Arne Duncan is right about white moms being shocked their kids aren't as smart. Corrupt and corporate, but sort of right.